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What is Kynol?

Kynol is a high-performance novoloid fiber with a three-dimensional network structure which originates from the reactivity of phenol. Initially developed in 1968 as a part of space technology development in the United States, full-scale industrial production began in 1982. GCI is currently the only manufacturer of the novoloid fiber in the world. The Kynol product lineup includes (1) high-performance fibers, (2) carbon fibers, and (3) activated carbon fibers.

Advantage of Kynol

  • 01
    Excellent flame resistance and non-meltability

    Kynol is characterized by its high flame resistance, non-melting even at high temperatures, and low heat shrinkage.​​

  • 02
    Low smoke・gas emission

    Even when exposed to flame, Kynol doesn’t melt. When it is carbonized, it only emits a small amount of smoke.
    Since it consists only of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms, it emits extremely small amounts of toxic gas when decomposed.

  • 03
    Chemical resistance

    Kynol is resistant to many chemicals, especially strong acids.

  • 04
    Amorphous carbon fiber

    When Kynol is carbonized,it has a non-crystalline (amorphous) structure, low strength and flexible characteristics.

  • 05
    Outstanding activated carbon performance

    Kynol is a raw material for high-performance ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber). It can be used as an ACF with an ultra-high specific surface area that cannot be achieved by other precursor materials.

Product line up

Application introduction

  • 2023.11.30

    【Braided Packing】
    Kynol exhibits excellent sealing performance. It has excellent heat and chemical resistance.

  • 2023.11.30

    【Fire Blocking Layer】
    Kynol is also active in the aviation industry.
    It Utilizes high flame resistance and has a low smoke emission performance.


Is it possible to purchase in small quantity samples?

If it is a small quantity, we can ship samples free of charge, so please feel free to contact us.

Does Gun Ei Chemical manufacture yarn, felt, and activated carbon?

We make only fibers. Yarn, felt and ACF are manufactured by our partner factories.

Does Kynol change over time?

Kynol darkens over time. However, it can be used without problems in terms of performance.